Artists Use Wood as Art Medium


Press Release

The dictionary describes “burl” as “a rounded knotty growth on a tree.” John Brasher describes “burl” as a thing of beauty. John and Betty Brasher are artists who have worked with wood for over three decades. One of their particular talents is recognizing the potential in a knotty growth on a tree.

Some of the burls that have passed through their Spring Glen wood shop have become one-of-a-kind bowls or platters with intricate interior patterns. Burls with particularly stunning, naturally-occurring colors or patterns, John presents like gifts where he has simply removed the wrapping, leaving the burl in its natural shape, the sliced interior polished to a high sheen. One of the burls currently available at kt Gallery is of buckhorn wood, the naturally occurring black and tan patterns reminiscent of the shapes in Van Gogh’s painting “The Starry Night.”

Using many varieties of wood, the Brashers create strong and beautiful household “tools” as well. Cutting boards, tortillas presses, rolling pins and bottle stoppers made with exquisite attention to detail offer the opportunity to do the mundane tasks of life with unique works of art.

The Brashers’ annual solo exhibition, with its wide range of items and types of woods, begins Friday, Nov. 4, at kt Gallery and closes Nov. 29.

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