Ask a Foster Parent Night Reaches Out to Local Families


Members of the Carbon County public were able to participate in Ask a Foster Parent Night on Monday evening. The event, held in conjunction with National Foster Care Month, was a chance for interested members of the community to receive answers from experienced persons.

A panel of local foster parents and even a former foster child who has since been adopted greeted those in attendance. The panel was able to ask questions about foster care and offer any insight that interested attendees may have had.

“There’s things that happen when you foster them,” expressed Kobi Prettyman, Utah Foster Care Eastern Region Area Representative, in regards to foster children, “that are irreplaceable whether they stay with you forever or where they don’t stay with you forever.

“We always need families,” Prettyman also testified. The need is ongoing, and those who are interested in learning more may visit to find out more about the program, the requirements to be a foster parent and other items.

Those who are interested in becoming a foster parent are encouraged to contact Prettyman at (435) 636-0210 to set up a meeting where questions can be answered and the process can begin.

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