Assistance for EMT Training Approved by Ferron City Council


During a virtual meeting on Thursday, the Ferron City Council tackled the topic of assisting EMTs with their class expenses.

Mayor Adele Justice stated that they have gone back and forth with Emery County on if they will pay it all or not. It was proposed that perhaps the city could cover a few of the other costs that are associated. It was broken down that tuition is $500, the book costs around $100, the license application and background fee is about $110, and the testing fee is $80.

The county will reimburse the city for the $500 training, making that not a concern for Ferron City. The mayor explained that the most the city may cover is paying for the books and applications. There is an agreement with the EMTs that they would sign to pay those fees back to the city if they back out of the training. It was also agreed that the EMTs would work for at least one year with the Ferron EMTs.

“We need EMTs and we need to do whatever we can to get those EMTs,” Mayor Justice stated.

One council member made the proposal that, in the agreement, it should be stated that if the training fails the first time, those that wish to take the test more would have to pay the fee after that. Following this discussion, the council agreed on the fees.

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