Athlete In Focus: Spencer Fehlberg


Spencer Fehlberg provided senior leadership on the Spartan track team this year with more than his athletic ability. Spencer has participated in cross-country, wrestling and track throughout his high school years.

Out of all these sports, he counts cross-country as his favorite because he says he can run anywhere at any time. Running gives him a chance to be alone and think. His greatest accomplishment in cross-country was placing first at the Spartan home cross-country meet with a personal best time of 16:36. It is this race that he ran with “For Gardner” written across his calves.

“I really did run that race for [Darrell] Gardner; it turned out to be the best of my career,” Fehlberg said. That moment happens to be Spencer’s favorite memory in high school as well.  He placed third in wrestling at state and he qualified for track in six different events in the past two years.

It isn’t surprising that the sport figure he admires most is the late Steve Prefontaine. His legacy of hard work and inspiring quotes is what helps motivate Spencer in sports and life alike. He attributes a lot of what he knows about sports to Coach Gardner and finds himself wanting to make him proud. What Spencer has gained from sports is the ability to persist for longer than he thought possible, and the knowledge he can accomplish difficult things when life gets hard.

This 4.0 student is a self-proclaimed nerd. He says, “Just ask my friends!” Although he is a wiz at math, he really enjoys studying physics and drafting. After graduation, Fehlberg plans to attend college for a year at the University of Utah and then go on an LDS mission. He would like to try to walk on the track and field team at the U. He would like to eventually earn a Ph.D. and become a rocket scientist. With graduation right around the corner, Fehlberg commented, “It’s kind of scary to think that I’m heading out into the real world, but I’m definitely excited to get out there!”

This well-rounded young man has participated in other clubs and activities such as band, choir, chamber choir, math club, science Olympiad, foreign language club, the MESS (Mighty Emery Student Section), student government as president, school newspaper, quiz bowl, honor society, and was the math Sterling Scholar.

Spencer likes to play basketball, run, hang out with friends, and perform crazy science experiments that usually involve fire.

Fehlberg will be traveling with teammates to BYU for state track May 20-21 to compete in the 800m, 1600m, and 4×400 meter relay. As he goes through his ritual of quiet focused time and stretching before he races, no doubt the words of Steve Prefontaine will be playing over in his mind. “To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift.”

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