ATV Racer Robbie Mitchell Reflects on 2013 and Looks Forward to a New Year


After a year filled with more than 15 races, three surgeries and a handful of mechanical issues, Price resident Robbie Mitchell gained plenty of experience and memories during his 2013 ATV racing season.

Surgery on both of Mitchell’s hands for carpel tunnel and his left elbow for cubital tunnel halted any ATV riding for three months last year. Even when he started riding again, Mitchell had difficulties recovering complete control over his bike.

“I had a really tough time getting my arm and shoulder back up to par,” he explained. However, Mitchell will not let surgical setbacks have an influence on this year’s season. “I made some changes to overall fitness and started eating better during the off season.”

On top of medical issues hindering Mitchell’s races, mechanical issues with his bike frequently occurred. Everything from his bike stalling randomly to twisted chains would have put more riders out a race for good. However, Mitchell was always determined to finish a race, no matter the circumstances.

Last year, Mitchell competed in over 15 races throughout the country and even the Score San Felipe 250 in Mexico. Nine of those races were part of the WORCS series, which includes off-road racing in places like Arizona and California. Out of those races, Mitchell made it to the podium twice, finishing fifth overall in the WORCS 2013 standings.

In March, Mitchell also competed in a benefit race in Cedar City for fellow mentor and friend Josh Frederick who was paralyzed from the chest down in a WORCS race. Mitchell raced two motocross races and a one-hour grand prix. In the end, he placed first overall and donated his winnings to the Josh Frederick Foundation, which functions to buy equipment for paralyzed athletes to get them back outdoors doing the activities they love.

Moving forward, Mitchell has multiple races scheduled throughout the year to reach his ever growing goals. This weekend, he looks to start that 2014 season strong with his first race of the year in Taft, Cali. After that, he looks forward to racing in Havasu, Ari.

“I am most excited for Havasu,” said Mitchell. “It’s a brutally rough track with lots of corners and that’s just what I like.”

With better fitness, mechanical improvements and a positive attitude, he will work towards the WORCS Championship throughout 2014 and, most importantly, aim for first place on the podium.

“I am working hard to get the WORCS Championship,” Mitchell concluded. “But, first and foremost, I am focused on getting that elusive first win.”

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