Aubrey Kirkwood Named Inaugural 2022 Employee of the Month


Photo courtesy of Kellie Payne

Carbon County’s new Human Resources Director, Kellie Payne, announced the inaugural 2022 Employee of the Month during Wednesday’s commission meeting.

For the first honor of the year, Aubrey Kirkwood of the county recreation department was nominated and chosen. Payne stated that Kirkwood has done a great job as the assistant supervisor since she started working for the department in March 2021.

She was nominated by fellow county employee Kay Colosimo, who stated that Kirkwood came into the job a bit intimidated and unsure of what to do. Colosimo walked her through and said she did not think she quite knew what she was getting into. Kirkwood took on three jobs at the same time and Colosimo stated she has handled the challenge well.

Kirkwood has done a bit of everything and her cheerfulness and smile have been credited as an asset to the department. According to Colosimo, Kirkwood continues to step up and is deeply appreciated.

“It has been a pleasure working for Carbon County,” said Kirkwood. “I have enjoyed my time.”

She continued, stating that everybody she works with has been so kind and wonderful. The commissioners then thanked Kirkwood for her accomplishments thus far.

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