Auditing Contract Approved by Carbon County for 2019 Tax Year


During their Wednesday evening meeting, the Carbon County Commissioners tackled an agenda item with assistance from interim Clerk/Auditor Seth Marsing. This item pertained to the awarding of a contract with an auditing firm for tax year 2019.

Marsing informed the commissioners that the lowest bid came from Squire, based out of Salt Lake City. He then continued by stating that one of the positive things about Squire is that they do the audit for more government agencies than any other firm in Utah and have established a positive reputation.

The contract is a three-year contract and will begin in the 2019 year. This was approved by commissioners.

Also discussed during the meeting was the ratification of a grant application for Violence Against Women funding. Attorney Jeremy Humes spoke on this, stating that the grant project began last year to enhance services of victims of violent crimes, particularly domestic violence, stalking and sexual assault.

Humes further explained that a prosecutor would be brought in for those particular cases. From its birth last year, this program has been met with a lot of success and Humes expressed the wish to extend the program, partly due to taking on cases for Price City as well.

“The end goal is making the victims feel comfortable in coming forward,” Humes stated. A submission for funding was put in that afternoon that requested nearly $73,000, which would be an in-kind cash match. A portion of the funds would come from Humes’ salary, an amount that the county is already paying, meaning that there would be no additional funding.

The program would begin again on Jan. 1 of 2019, corresponding with the regular calendar year as opposed to the state cycle. Commissioner Jae Potter stated that the commissioners would need to pull the request and consider with budgeting for the next year. A motion to approve the ratification of the grant was made and agreed upon by the commissioners.

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