Audrey Dalton Represents Community in Boston Marathon


Price resident Audrey Dalton had the incredible experience to run with elite athletes in the 121st Boston Marathon.
Dalton was one of thousands of women runners, but the only one from Price to qualify for the race. She decided to run the Boston Marathon as one of her goals to keep herself motivated and in shape. She was encouraged by running partner Sara Oliver and trainer Alida Farlaino, owner of TougHer Gym.
Dalton has been training seriously for more than a year by going to TougHer and doing HIIT (high intensity interval training), weight training and running many miles.
After the 2013 bombing at the marathon, the bustling city of Boston has been rebuilt. According to Dalton, for this year’s race, the security was top-notch. There were snipers on buildings and military personnel protecting civilians and runners from potential disasters. At the starting line, officials checked bags as well as food for security purposes. Runners were asked to put their belongings in clear bags to make sure nothing dangerous was brought into the race.
Running the race, Dalton was filled with excitement because she fed off the crowd’s energy. She reported that at one point during the race, she wanted to quit because of the heat. However, through perseverance and hard work, she kept going with the encouragement of the cheering crowd.
After 26 challenging miles through winding roads and city streets of Boston, as Dalton crossed the finish line in Copley Square, she also crossed off one of her life goals.


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