Author Robyn Steele Continues Author’s Month Speaking About Novel “Destiny’s Path”


Author Robyn Steele visited the Price City Library on Wednesday to speak about her book “Destiny’s Path,” the first novel in a three-part series.

“Destiny’s Path” follows the story of Talitha, a 17-year-old girl who has found out that she belongs to another race from another galaxy. The race has super-human abilities that come to light when a person reaches maturity, which Talitha is now experiencing. In addition, she discovers that he father, whom she has never met, is alive and being held captive. The novel revolves around Talitha and her quest to find her father and discover who she truly is.

Parts two and three in the series, “Promised Hope” and “Malignant Coercion,” continue to follow Talitha on her journey. All three novels are available at

Steele currently resides in Utah with her husband where she continues to work on a new novel.

Author’s month will continue at the Price City Library this upcoming Wednesday. James Drury will be the featured author.

Photo courtesy of Price City Library.

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