Author Tom McCourt Visits San Rafael and Canyon View Middle Schools


Canyon View Middle School

Press Release

San Rafael and Canyon View middle school students were captivated by local author Tom McCourt on Thursday, March 14.

McCourt is a native of Wellington, Utah. He has written many descriptive and appealing books, including “To Be a Soldier,” a personal story about his experiences in the Vietnam War, “White Canyon,” remembering the little town at the bottom of Lake Powell, “The Split Sky,” a boy’s journey of discovery in Utah’s Nine Mile Canyon, “King of the Colorado: The Story of Cass Hite,” who was Utah’s legendary explorer, prospector and pioneer, “The Elk Mountain Mission,” a history of Moab, Mormons, The Old Spanish Trails and the Sheberetch Utes from 1854-1855, and “Last of the Robbers Roost Outlaws,” a true story of Bill Tibbetts.

McCourt delighted students by reading illustrative excerpts from several of his books. He also encouraged them to develop their writing skills by offering these words of wisdom: “Sometimes, it will surprise you what you learn about yourself when you take the time to write something down.”

Both schools would like to publicly thank him and his wife, Jeannie, for their time and talent. For anyone interested in purchasing any of these books or have questions regarding them, contact McCourt at The librarians at the two middle schools are Jenny Durrant and Anjelena Behling.

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