Authorities Spend Weekend Searching for Missing Teen in Emery County


A missing 17-year-old boy had authorities searching throughout the weekend in Emery County before locating the teen on Sunday morning.

The teen went missing Friday night from a troubled youth camp on Cedar Mountain. The Emery County based camp operates as an eight-week program to provide therapy for troubled teenage boys.

Upon receiving information regarding the missing teen, authorities started their search in Emery County. The Emery County Sheriff’s office spent much of the weekend searching for the boy. In addition,¬†Eagle Air, a Utah Department of Public Safety helicopter and a tracking dog assisted the search efforts.

According to Emery County Sheriff Greg Funk, authorities located the boy around 10 a.m. on Sunday. The teen was initially combative but in decent condition. The sheriff explained that the boy claimed he did not like the camp and was heading for California.

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