Auto burglaries becoming more common


With temperatures heating up, auto owners tend to leave vehicle windows down and doors unlocked. While this may leave an automobile cooler, it also increases chances of theft.

According to Price City Police Chief Kevin Drolc, local auto burglaries average two to three per week. Although no specific trend seems to be evident, the police chief did explain that most auto burglaries are related to substance abuse issues.

Several local residents have reported auto burglaries in the past few weeks, which have occurred in their own driveways. They also occurred within a one block radius. Drolc explained that these burglaries have yet to be connected to one another.

Drolc warns residents to use caution in order to prevent break-ins.

“Anyone who leaves belongings in a car is waiting for something to happen,” he said.

“If residents see something that isn’t right, call police,” advised Drolc. “That’s the best way to prevent burglaries from happening.”


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