Averie’s Army Supports Her In Balloon Release


Averie Ward is the 20-month-old daughter of Brent and Jodie Ward. Before the school year started, Averie was diagnosed with a rare childhood cancer. She has had major surgery to remove her tumor, but now has to start chemo treatments every Thursday. Ferron Elementary wanted to start doing something special on Thursdays for her. Even though these treatments make her sick, they still want to make her happy. Every Thursday, the students and faculty will wear either pink, camo or their Averie’s Army T-Shirts.

Jodie is a third grade teacher at Ferron Elementary, and they now have a daughter Kenlee in kindergarten.

On Thursday, all of the students, faculty and Averie’s family were involved in a balloon release for Averie. Before they launched the balloons, they all yelled, “Good luck Averie” as everyone wished the best for Avery and her treatments.

Ferron Elementary has a Change Averie jar where anyone can donate either cash or change for the Ward’s medical expenses. If the students fill up the jar to a certain point, Principal Dawes will cut off a length of his tie. Each time the jar reaches a certain point, Mr. Dawes’ tie will get shorter. On Oct. 30, Ferron Elementary will have their Halloween Carnival. There, interested parties can donate money in Averie’s jar.



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