Award Winning Author Carla Kelly Presents Book at Historical Society Event


By Sara Price

The Emery County Historical Society hosted a gathering Thursday, Oct. 24 at the Museum of the San Rafael in Castle Dale. The event gave author Carla Kelly an opportunity to present her book to those in attendance.

The evening began with music and the introduction of Kelly. She responded with a humorous song of her own, which evoked laughter from the crowd. During her presentation, Kelly displayed many photographs and items used to help in writing her latest book, My Loving Vigil Keeping. The book is based on the Winter Quarter’s mine disaster that happened in Pleasant Valley, located near current day Scofield.

At the time, it was considered the worst mine disaster in the US and it still ranks as the fifth worst. Over 200 miners lost their life that day and Kelly’s book sought to bring the story back to life from the point of view of a school teacher.

She spoke of how she blended real and fictional characters together and how her exhaustive historical research helped make the book ring true for readers. Those in the attendance were able to speak about personal histories of the mining incident and connected with the author and her story.

Kelly stated that the most difficult part of writing the book was grave walking. She visited the cemetery in Scofield eight or more times. “You never get used to seeing so many graves with the same date on them,” she stated.

After her presentation, Kelly invited the audience to take a closer look at her historic items. She also signed books for anyone interested.

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