Award Winning Filmmaker has Local Roots


Standing behind the camera that they used, Cinematographer Josh Rowley, Assistant Producer Moises Lemus and Producer Ryan Piccolo hold their award

The Tuscan was the site of a screening for an award winning short film Wednesday night. The movie titled Auto was not part of the Sundance Film Festival, but was shown on Park City’s Main Street during the event. The movie was awarded first place in the Film Makers Week Competition that was conducted during the festival. The Utah Film Commission presented the short film’s producer Ryan Piccolo with the award.

Piccolo was on hand Wednesday night to screen the movie for invited guests. “This is really an honor because it is an award given by people in the industry,” he stated. “And this is the first movie we have done that wasn’t just school related.”

The movie was filmed in Price and used local talent as well as outside sources. Piccolo was assisted in making the movie by cinematographer Josh Rowley and assistant director Moises Lemus. 

Thirteen actors and 213 hours of filming went into the 20 minute production. The plot centers around a struggling young mechanic who’s life is falling apart and ends with a glimmer of hope.

Piccolo left the Price area to attend the Art Institute in Salt Lake City several years ago. He and two friends have formed Salty Block Pictures and produce movies, music videos and commercials.

The group will enter the short film in to the Made in Utah Festival in March. The movie should be up on the Salty Block website sometime this summer for public viewing.

Mayor Joe Piccolo and First Lady Barbara were on hand to celebrate with their son. The mayor has a role in the movie as the owner of an automotive repair shop. He smiled as he added that the role wasn’t much of a stretch for him because the plot actually hit close to home with some employees he has had working at the actual shop.

Salty Block Pictures already has plans for at least one new movie within the year.

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