B.A.C.A. Gears up for April Prevention Month Activities


Local Bikers Against Child Abuse (BACA) Chapter President Ted Allen spoke to etv10news.com about the local group and its upcoming activities.

Allen, better known as “Little T,” said that even though April is National Child Abuse Prevention Awareness Month, BACA is constantly focusing on the issue and what they can do for children.

Allen explained that BACA was originally formed in 1995 in Orem by a registered play therapist for children. Daily he dealt with the after-effects of abused children.

From its original chapter the group has grown to a presence in over half of the states in the nation. Its members include doctors, lawyers, therapists, welders, construction workers and business people. Membership crosses all socioeconomic backgrounds of society. The only requirement to join the group is access to a motorcycle.

Once a person expresses an interest he or she must submit to an NCIC Federal background check. Allen admitted in the past they relied on state background checks and self-reporting of individuals regarding previous residences.

More stringent background checks are only the first step in becoming a BACA member. In Utah, two years of shadowing a full member and participation in 80% of all projects, including quarterly training, is required before consideration.

Thirteen members currently belong to the Price Chapter. Allen said sometimes his role with kids is simply crawling with them under the bed to scare out the monsters they believe are hiding there. They want to help abused children feel safe again.

The chapter is holding a competition for grade school children to design this year’s t-shirt for the groups May 10 Poker Run. Kids ages 5-15 may submit a drawing for the contest. The theme is “How does BACA help our community.” The grand prize for the winning design will be $50, or and iPod valued at approximately $50.

Drawings can either be given to schoolteachers, or parents can call the BACA hotline at 435-636-2236 and have a member pick up the entry.

The chapter will be participating in the National Child Abuse Prevention Awareness Month clothesline activity on April 16-18 at USU Eastern. It will also be at the Festival of Service Fair in Castle Dale on April 19.

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