Back the Blue Parade Walk to Show Support of Local Law Enforcement


The tragic event that shook the nation following the Dallas police officer shootings has even had a ripple effect on small communities such as Carbon County. The overwhelming amount of hate recently projected toward law enforcement officers in the nation prompted a group of Carbon County women to show that the same disdain does not apply in the local area. The result? A rapidly growing “Back the Blue Walk” that will take place during the International Days parade.

“It really started after the tragic events that happened in Dallas,” Brittnie Arroyo, one of the event’s organizers, explained. “My step dad was a police officer for 13 years in Texas and it really just hit home after that happened. So, I wanted to do something to show support for our officers and to thank them.”

Locals Crissy Shook and Alex Marrelli joined Arroyo’s vision and now an idea of support has grown into an event bigger than the trio ever anticipated.

“The outpour of support that we have received has been insane,” Arroyo said. “I have told people that I never intended for it to get this big but I am happy that it did.”

The walk began as a sign of support, not a protest or a march, to local law enforcement and then grew into a fundraiser. Now, funds raised from selling t-shirts and bracelets as well as various donations will be put into a scholarship fund for local residents looking to enter the law enforcement field.

“With all of the money made from this event, we will be creating a scholarship for those who want to go to POST,” Arroyo shared on social media. “It is still in the works and we still have a ways to go to pull it off, but we seriously could not be happier.”

Arroyo and the event organizers have been working with Carbon County Sheriff Jeff Wood and Price City Police Chief Kevin Drolc to make the scholarship fund a reality. The fund aims to show future law enforcement officers that the community supports their work and dedication to serving and protecting the community.

“We really just want this to be a positive event,” Arroyo said. “This is simply us showing our support for our law enforcement and to say thank you, that we support them no matter what.”

While recent events have made people quick to speak out and take a stand, Arroyo explained that she doesn’t want this event to take place only because current times are tough.

“We should support them all of the time, no matter what,” she said in regards to law enforcement officers. “We hope this can be an annual event to support those who keep us safe.”

The walk in the parade will take place on July 30 on Price’s Main Street. The parade will begin at 10 a.m. but those who wish to walk should meet no later than 9:30 a.m. at 600 East and 100 South. Arroyo encouraged all those that wish to support local law enforcement, whether walking in the parade or standing on the sidelines, to wear blue as a sign of unity and encouragement.

For more information on the walk, as well as volunteer or donation options, please call Arroyo at (435) 299-2168. Organizers are still in need of blue and black balloons, blue candy, helium and materials for signs as well as volunteers to walk in the parade.

To stay up to date on the status of the walk, please visit “Back the Blue Parade Walk” on Facebook.



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