Back the Blue: Thank an Officer on National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day


To help show support of law enforcement officers nationwide, Jan. 9 of each year has been named National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day (L.E.A.D). According to the Concerns of Police Survivors (C.O.P.S) website page, this day has been dedicated to the brave men and women in blue in spite of negativity directed toward law enforcement.  A large number of citizens support these heroes, recognize them and are thankful for their service and dedication.

Although Jan. 9 isn’t the only day that individuals recognize the bravery and courage of officers, there are a number of ways to show that one backs the blue: Change your social media profile picture, wear blue clothing or LEO apparel, send a card of thanks and recognition to local law enforcement, share a positive story about law enforcement on social media, organize an event for officers, etc.

While all of the above are great ways to show support, the most important thing that one can do is to thank an officer in person.


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