“Back to School Clothing Giveaway” serves hundreds


Since 1996, the Carbon County Family and the Children’s Justice Center have hosted the “Back to School Clothing Giveaway”. This event is made possible by clothing donations made throughout the year to the Children’s Justice Center and by monetary community donations.

On Thursday morning, people lined up to search their way through the mountains of clothing which they could have for no charge. In addition to plenty of clothes to start the new school year, the students were given school supplies such as pencils, notebooks, and folders. After each child was assisted, a raffle was held to giveaway 20 backpacks.

This year, the event gave away clothing to 124 school-age children in less than an hour. This count does not include the under school-age children or adults that benefited from the the giveaway.

In the spring, another clothing giveaway will be held with more summer-appropriate clothing. Donations can be made year-round to the Children’s Justice Center at 80 S. Fairgrounds Road in Price.


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