Balance Rock Eatery Works to Keep Young Bellies Filled During Spring Break


The well-known Balance Rock Eatery and Pub located on Helper’s Historic Main Street made the announcement that during this year’s spring break, April 6-10, staff will be providing breakfast and lunch to the students of both Sally Mauro Elementary and Helper Middle School that are under the age of 18.

The meals include those that reside in Helper, Spring Glen, Kenilworth and Carbonville. Deliveries will begin at 8 a.m. each day and it was noted that the Balance Rock employees will do their best to ensure that they are accurately following the bus routes of buses 126, 120, 23, 20 and 22 combined, and 3. Staff will be at each stop for approximately five minutes.

This is a private venture that is funded through the eatery and was created with the intention that local students will still have food in their bellies during the break. Menu items will be based on availability of products from commercial distributors.

Please note that the employees that are distributing the meals will wear uniforms and drive labeled vehicles. All food safety guidelines will be followed. Finally, the Balance Rock Eatery requests that all social distancing guidelines are followed and families assist to keep children safe near vehicles.

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