Balloons Rise to Celebrate Women


The dark skies on Friday, March 8, were just a little brighter as a small handful of women in Price released ballons in celebration of the INternational Women’s day.

The first National Women’s day was celebrated back in 1909 as part of a declaration of the Sacialist Party of AMercia and was observed on the last Sunday of February until 1913.

In 1910 the Socialist Internations meeting in Copenhagen established a Women’s day to honor the movement for women’s rights and to assist in acheiving universal sufferage for women. The proposal was greeeted with unanimous approval by the conference of over 100 women for 17 countries.

As a result of that decision the International day of Women was marked for the first time in Austria, Denamrk, Germany and Switrzerland in 1911.

Many landmark issues involving women, including the tragic Triangle Fire in New York City that took the lives of more than 140 working girls have impacted the course of women’s rights slowly over time.
In 1945, the Charter of the United Nations was the first international agreement to proclaim gender equality as a fundamental human right. In 1975 the first International Women’s Day was celebrated by the United Nations on March 8th.

Since that time is has been gaining as day of recognition of women’s achievements and to focus on the many areas that women are still at risk for just being female.

Local political and community leaders were invited to participate in the proclamation signing and balloon release. Mayor Joe Piccolo was unable to attend, but the Price’s first Lady, Barbara Piccolo joined in to represent the mayor.

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