Bands From San Rafael Junior High Showcase Talents


San Rafael Junior High band students performed various musical numbers at their annual spring concert Tuesday night. Seventh, eighth/ninth, and jazz bands all performed under the direction of Hans Baantjer.

In a special twist, Baantjer’s daughter directed a song for each band. As he introduced his daughter he explained how she followed in her parent’s footsteps.

“I will be poor the rest of my life,” Baantjer said. “But I will be happy and bring happiness to people’s lives because of it.”

Students from the jazz band went first and played two songs including the song “Celebration.” Seventh graders went next and played “Breckenridge Overture” and an additional two others. Eighth/ninth graders played five selections to finish up the evening’s performances.

Baantjer passed out certificates to students who participated in the Emery County Honor Band. He also gave out certificates to those who passed off all 12 scales under 60 seconds. Kaitlyn Gilson accomplished the feat in just 23 seconds.

“She may have beat an old man, but for an old man it was pretty good,” he quipped.

Eileen Lofthouse was honored for her hard work and the evening ended with a final musical number.



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