Barrel Racers Compete in Price *Photo Gallery*


The weekly barrel races for Carbon and Emery county competitors were held in Price on Wednesday at the Carbon County Fairgrounds. There were many participants who brought their horses to the sunset occasion.

The event began at 6 p.m. with the time-only runs. This time is for participants to use to know a precise time they run and/or a practice run for the draw later in the evening. As decided by those announcing the times, next week’s barrel race will start a half hour earlier to give time for those running after the time-only. “We want to get through everyone before it gets too late,” the announced.

Next to take the arena were the peewee barrel racers. The race brought many smiles and giggles to the riders and the crowd. This led into the draw for a youth run for those 15 years and younger. In the 1D category, Oaklee Hopes took $50 home along with first place and time of 18.409 seconds on her horse Coco. She also took second place on her horse Sprice with a time of 18.990. Taking third place at 19.320 was Austyn Nielsen. The 2D winner for the youth was Charity Greehalgh, running a 20.401 and receiving $34 for first place. Second was earned by Lacey Anderson and third by Peyton Kirkwood.

The next event was the open draw. In the 1D, Jackie McCourt took home $140 with a time of 17.714 seconds, earning first. Second place went to Angie McCourt, who had a time of 18.131. She left with $94 in her pocket. The 2D gave $91 to first place winner Erin Behling with a time of 18.407. Oaklee Hopes received another $20, taking home $70 total, for placing second in 2D on her horse Coco. Third place went to Chandelle Rudman with a 18.494 run. She left with $51.

In the 3D, Martha Killcrease placed first with a time of 18.817 and took home $77. Taking home $59 with a 19.063 time was Evelyn Allred. Hilary Timothy earned third with a run of 19.136 seconds and received $43. The 4D and final placement division saw Myra Manzanares in first with a 19.716 run. She was given $67. Gillian Wandell took second and $51 for a run of 19.814. Third place went to Shadleigh Gordon. She ran a time of 18.822 and received $37.

Next Wednesday, July 22, the Carbon County Fairgrounds will once again play host the barrel races. Instead of beginning at 6 p.m., the start time-only portion of the evening will begin at 5:30 p.m. and then continue with the rest of the riders. A single time only is $3 and two runs is $5 while peewee riders are $6. It’s $20 for 15 and under youth riders and $31 for the open draw.

You can sign up for the event at Participants can either pay through Venmo or pay while at the event.

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