Barry Horsley Named Carbon County’s July Employee of the Month


The July Carbon County Employee of the Month was announced at the Wednesday evening commission meeting as Barry Horsley of the county’s IT department.

Carbon County Human Resources Director Rose Barnes remarked that Horsley always goes above and beyond, assisting in each department and doing an amazing job in the county. She thanked him for all that he does.

“We couldn’t function without IT,” Barnes stated.

Frank Ori of Carbon County Recreation was one of the individuals that nominated Horsley, stating that he had more selfish reason for doing so. Ori stated that, when he returned home two years ago from a major illness, Horsley visited once per week and assisted with therapy to ensure that Ori could return to work.

To this day, Ori stated that Horsley visits once per week to assist with physical therapy at home, at night and after hours. Ori concluded by stating that this was the biggest reason that he had nominated Horsley.

Horsley accepted his plaque and the honor, stating that his employees are a huge part of what makes the success of the IT department possible.

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