Basso’s New Rental Service Makes Fun Affordable


Carbon and Emery counties offer such a large area for recreation. There are beautiful reservoirs and lakes, state parks, campgrounds, trails and so much more. From sagebrush covered plateaus and deserts to aspen and fir forests, Castle Country trails always lead somewhere.

All this land is available just a short ride away for most residents, and enjoying all the area has to offer is easy if citizens have access to recreational vehicles such as boats, ATV’s, jet skis, campers or side-by-sides. However, the expenses of owning all those toys can add up quickly.

Fortunately, now there’s a local solution. Tony Basso RV & ATV is making fun affordable by offering a brand new rental service.

According to general manager James Prettyman, this new service will appeal not only to locals, but to a wide audience outside of the area.

“We want to bring people to Castle Country and let them explore our area in an affordable way,” Prettyman said. “By us providing forms of reasonably priced recreation, it allows people who aren’t from here to visit and spend their money in our motels, our gas stations, our restaurants. This is just another way to capture an audience we haven’t really taken advantage of up to this point and add to our local economy.”

Prettyman said they have been receiving a lot of interest not just locally, but from out of the area and even out of state.

“This gives us a chance to expose people from all over the state and even the country to Castle Country,” said Tony Basso Automotive Division C.O.O. Bill Snape. “Once the word gets out, hopefully it can help drive more tourism to this area.”

Not everyone can afford to buy a new ATV or side-by-side. Not only is there the initial cost of purchasing a new toy, there are additional expenses for licensing, insuring, storing and maintaining such machines. Renting can be an affordable option that lets the consumer still enjoy the mountains and desert of Castle Country without all the cost.

As of right now, Basso’s will have several ATV’s, jet skis and side-by-sides all available for pick up in Price. According to Snape, there is no limit on how many machines can be rented at once as long as they have the inventory needed.

As part of their new business, they will also have one camp trailer at Scofield and one trailer at Millsite as well as rental machines at both sites. Access to those campsites will be available through the Division of Natural Resources’ website.

Basso’s RV & ATV rentals offer competitive rates compared to statewide and national averages. They also put several package deals together that include hotel rooms and restaurant discounts to enhance the feel of a real vacation experience.

Basso’s makes renting easy. Arrangements can be made online, over the phone or in person. Each rental also includes a cooler, helmets, goggles, ice and bottled water. Snape said they make it easy to just grab the machine and go.

As far as who can rent and where the machines can go, as long as customers are 21 and have a valid driver’s license and credit card, the sky’s the limit.

“We expect that a lot of the jet skis we rent will be hauled down to Lake Powell or other larger lakes and that’s just fine,” Snape said. “As long as they get them back the day they’re due, people can pretty much take them anywhere.”

Basso’s is working with the Department of Tourism and the Division of Natural Resources in order to market their service throughout the state. They’ve also teamed up with KUTV’s Hooked on Utah in order to broaden their market and call attention to all the features Castle Country has to offer.

Rentals can provide a hassle-free, maintenance-free, affordable recreation experience to those who otherwise can’t afford or choose not to own these recreational vehicles.

Find more information, including rates and availability, at Interested parties can also call Tony Basso RV & ATV at (435) 637-4224 or (435) 637-TOYS or visit their showroom located at 1152 South Carbon Ave. in Price.

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