Battle of the Nurses Competition Hopes to Raise Money for Angel Baby Walk


Community Nursing Services and Rocky Mountain Home Care-Hospice of Price have teamed up with TougHer Gym for a competition called Battle of the Nurses. In an effort to raise money for the second annual Angel Baby Walk, the two health care agencies decided to conduct the competition that will run through April 7.

Both CNS and Rocky Mountain Home Care-Hospice have their own team. Each team can earn points from doing different activities. Some of these activities include daily challenges put on by TougHer, posting healthy meals on Facebook or Instagram, recruiting members outside their businesses and attending classes at TougHer. Each point is worth $1. So far, $2,000 has been made from this competition. However, the goal is $4,000. Anyone can help raise money for this cause by visiting TougHer Gym and donating.

The Angel Baby Walk is an event that honors babies that are gone from the world but never forgotten. For more information on this event, contact Heidi Yoklavich at 435-630-1576 or Amy Ruggeri at 435-650-7721.

A final event for this competition will be conducted April 7, the day before the Angel Baby Walk. This event is called Shenanigans and will consist of 10 different events that include strength, coordination, endurance and mental fortitude. The exact description of the events will remain a secret until the night of the competition. However, TougHer will release video teasers on their Facebook page that will help participants gain knowledge of skills each team should acquire.

Anyone is welcome to participate in the Shenanigans event. To participate,  a team must consist of three people, at least one female and one male. The cost per team is $50 and the proceeds will go to the Angel Baby Walk.

To sign up for the Shenanigans event, stop by TougHer Gym at 77 East Main Street in Price.

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