BEAR Program Helps Build a Strong Community


BEAR Press Release

Carbon and Emery counties have a lot to offer their community. The area is unique in many ways. Resources such as natural gas and coal, which gave Carbon County its name, are abundant. The mining and railroad industries have built a community of widely diverse and industrious people. Now, as the area begins to expand its economic base, members of the community are branching out to new job markets. 

The economy of Eastern Utah is shifting. While the mining and shipping industries are still a valuable backbone of the community, other businesses are growing to meet the demands of a modern society. Supporting local business is the key to a healthy economy and thriving community. The Business Expansion and Retention program (BEAR) recognizes this. Its mission is to help local businesses succeed in every way. BEAR is located on the USU Eastern campus in the new Workforce Services Building and is dedicated to building a prosperous community through improving local businesses.

Most people in the area have heard BEAR’s “Shop Local” campaign slogan: “If you can find it here, buy it here.”  Money spent in Carbon and Emery counties provides jobs, funds community improvement projects and increases economic stability. A great way to encourage spending in the community is through tourism. Because of the scenic Castle Country landscape of Southeastern Utah, the recreational opportunities are nearly endless. Whether it is hiking, biking, camping, riding horse or driving off highway vehicles (OHV), everyone can enjoy the great outdoors.

Jordan Behunin, chair of the Castle Country Trails Committee, announced at a BEAR meeting that an exciting project is close to completion. For over 10 years, the Castle Country Trail’s Committee has been working with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and Utah State to compile a comprehensive system of recreational trails throughout Carbon County. Now, the committee is finishing a map designed with ease of use in mind. This map will include trails for hikers, bikers, equestrians and OHV. Outdoor enthusiasts should watch for a digital version of the map on Behunin is confident that armed with accessibility, the natural beauty and historical significance of Carbon County will be enjoyed by locals and tourists alike.

BEAR helps businesses and community organizations, such as the Carbon County Trail’s Committee, to focus on projects and innovations that strengthen and benefit the community. As the committee works to bring tourism to the area by presenting recreational opportunities, many other groups are working within their business or area of influence to build the local economy and improve the community of Carbon and Emery counties.

If you would like more information about BEAR please contact them at (435) 613-5255.

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