BEAR Speaker to Discuss New Business in Town


BEAR Press Release

Matt Blazer, who recently started a business in town called Pacific Central Steel is going to talk from the perspective of a new business in the community at the July 21 BEAR meeting. He will talk about what he is doing and why he is locating it here. He will discuss current and future levels of employment and his vision for his business. 

BEAR’s mission is to inform, grow and improve business in the Castle Country area. This year BEAR is not only providing pertinent information and presentations to the area on local business during its general membership meetings, but is also providing the course “Who owns the Ice House?” and entrepreneurial training program at every other meeting. The Ice House Entrepreneurship Program series is free to attend as a session, but can also be secured as a credited course or a credentialed course through BEAR

The meeting on July 21 will start at 8 a.m. and light refreshments will be served. The meetings are held at the Jennifer Leavitt Student Center in the Alumni Room on the USU Eastern Campus in Price.

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