Beat the Winter Weather is Goal For Earthwork at Millsite Dam Rehabilitation


By Julie Johansen

Although the recent snow halted the ongoing earthwork for a couple of days, work at Millsite Dam Rehabilitation project continues.

Both the north and south walls of the spillway have been poured and the backfill underway. Embankment and drains have been installed on the north side of the spillway. Earthwork crews are backfilling to tie the spillway with the dam and get to the final grade.

This backfill needs to be accomplished before the ground becomes too wet and freezes or the compaction will not meet standards. It is a goal to have this done before the runoff begins in the spring so that the spillway can handle the water going over it. Concrete crews are presently forming and pouring the middle (Weir) walls. Concrete work can continue during the winter months.

The golf course will be finished next spring. The pond has been dug and the long fairway on hole #3 has been graded.

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