Beehive Homes Have New Owners, Names


By Julie Johansen

Recently, Dallen and Molly Skelley purchased the Beehive Senior Living Homes in both Price and Elmo. The Skelleys live in Texas but previously resided in Elmo for nine years.

The full-care assisted living centers also boast a new name: Good Life Senior Living. They are part of a parent company by the same name, owned by the Skelley family. This company has 22 units in Utah, New Mexico and Texas.

These senior living facilities house 16 patrons and their motto is “Quality Custom Care.” Celene Woodward is the administrator for both location. The Skelleys have traveled to Utah at least once monthly for the past months since purchasing the homes.

The homes are located at 1025 West 470 North in Price and 15 West 100 North in Elmo. For more information, call (435) 636-4483 in Price or (435) 653-2555 in Elmo.

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