Beware! Lawrence Will Be More Heavily Patrolled!


By Julie Johansen

Citizens from Lawrence approached Emery County Commissioners with a request to slow traffic on the south side of town. 

Ann Cox presented several solutions to the high speed traffic problems affecting the town. The speed limit through town is 30 MPH and 45 MPH on all approaching roads. Reports are that many vehicles are not obeying these limits. Two main suggestions were to enforce the laws and make a change in environment. This would include new flashing speed limit signs as well as more law enforcement presence along these routes. There four-way stop also seems to be disregarded in the center of town.  Bob Wilson, who lives on the corner of this intersection, reports that few drivers give much notice to the stop signs at this intersection. Commissioners thanked them for their recommended solutions to these safety concerns. Emery County Sheriff Greg Funk reported studying these problems and will increase officer presence in this area. Other areas of the county with similar problems were also addressed. He did, however, state that ticketing will always be left to the responding officer’s discretion.

Approval was given for the building of a chain link fence around the parking lot at the Green River Library. However, more information is needed before the fence construction bid can be awarded. Johansen & Tuttle Engineering will begin surveying but some of the bids were not explicit enough to determine which company was the low bidder. Further information will be gathered before the contract is awarded.

Emery County Librarian Carole Larsen took time to explained some new programs being offered at all the libraries in the county. These included Storytime Bags and Kindles, which can be checked out. She also noted the STEM science grant being used to promote the following activities: a family night making aquariums on April 20, and May’s program will be an adult program featuring Scott Labrum.

Brady Bradford from Southeast Utah Health Department asked commissioners to sign an Interlocal Agreement. Discussion regarding the Health District’s involvement with the needle exchange program left commissioners, Sheriff Funk and Emery County Attorney Mike Olsen with unanswered questions.  Bradford assured the commission that this program is not part of the SEUHD, but he would get more information for the county. This was tabled pending further study.

Approval was given to signing a ratification letter addressed to the Bureau of Reclamation regarding controlling flooding in Green River. Other items approved included a Level 111 permit to Summa Robotics, the county library to apply for a CLEF Grant, Scott Labrum as May STEM contract partner, right of way grants to rebuild a portion of the Price River Road near Mounds lost in flooding last fall and the use of Class B Road funds to rent a tractor and backhoe for the county road department.

A wavier was also given to the Emery County Housing authority for PILT money for 2015. It was noted that the housing authority is improving the housing facilities and should soon be back on its own. Commissioner Paul Cowley commended Cindy Draper for her accomplishment with regards to these facilities and housing programs. A tax deferral agreement and wavier were also granted to a local business and county resident.

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