Beyond Burials: Be Remembered in Space Forever


Press Release

Salt Lake City, UT –Space memorials, Beyond Burials makes it possible for deceased loved ones to be remembered forever in space. Beyond Burials has created an affordable space burial that helps family members celebrate their loved ones in a unique, meaningful, and inspiring way.

In these extraordinary times many people are looking for creative ways to save money and honor their loved ones at their time of passing. Beyond Burials is providing space burials for a fraction of the cost of traditional funerals and creating a unique memorial service at the same time. Beyond Burials offer four different space memorials, Stardust Memorial, Shooting Star Memorial, Moon Memorial and the Milky Way Memorial.

The fact that we all came from stardust and can now return to the stars after we pass is a genuinely awe-inspiring feeling. No matter what accomplishments or failures I have in my lifetime, no matter what happens to me during my life, I have a very comforting feeling, knowing when I pass away, I get to go to space. Nothing can take that away from me.” said Dan Peabody, CEO of Beyond Burials

Shooting for the stars

  • Stardust Memorial:Scheduled once each quarter, with four launches each year. When the rocket reaches its predetermined altitude, the rocket will open and deploy the remains into space, where they will spend up to 6 minutes in microgravity amongst the stars. After floating in the weightless environment of space, the ashes will start their descent and spread across the world.
  • Shooting Star Memorial:Scheduled once each year, the ashes are sent to a Low Earth Orbit (LEO) on a powerful orbital rocket. Once the rocket reaches its orbit trajectory, the rocket will open and deploy the remains that are kept inside one of the Beyond Burials spacecraft. On board technology allows you to track the precise location of your or your loved one’s remains while they orbit the earth until it is time to reenter the earth’s atmosphere as a shooting star.
  • Moon Memorial:Scheduled for 4th quarter 2021, one of the most powerful rockets mankind has ever constructed, will be launched with a final destination of the Moon’s surface. Once the rocket has left the earth’s atmosphere, it will open and deploy our moon lander on a trajectory for the Moon, where the ashes will rest peacefully for eternity.
  • Milky Way Memorial:Scheduled for 2022, Upon leaving the earth’s atmosphere, the rocket opens up and deploys the Beyond Burials spacecraft on a trajectory past the Earth-Moon system and on a path to the deeper reaches of space. The Milky Way Memorial is a truly fitting memorial for a life devoted to exploration and adventure. This experience is very limited due to the flight complexities.


About Beyond Burials

Beyond Burials, founded in 2020 in Salt Lake City Utah, is redefining how people are memorializing their loved ones. Beyond Burials has made our dreams of resting with the stars a reality.

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