Big Administrative Changes for Carbon Next School Year


Carbon School District Press Release

When school doors swing wide open to accept students next fall, the changes in leadership at the Carbon School District schools will be wide-ranging. A totally new administration at Carbon High School along with changes in principals at three elementary schools will greet everyone who comes to those campuses.

In early March, it was announced that present Castle Heights Principal, Chris Winfree, will become the new Principal at Carbon High. Along with that change, Jarad Hardy, who has headed up Sally Mauro Elementary for three years, will become one of the assistant principals along with another Assistant Principal, Karen Bedont, who will be coming over from the Lighthouse High School as that school’s student body and staff are absorbed into Carbon High.

“I see it this way,” said Winfree, who has spent four years at Castle Heights after teaching in a middle school in Washington County District for years, “While I may have been named the principal, we are all equal in working together. We have a mix of talents that will help the school, the faculty and the students at the school. I am so grateful to have the two of them working with me.”

Bedont leaves a position she has held for only two years at Lighthouse, with mixed feelings, but with a determination to make things right for all kids at Carbon High.

“My heart will always be at the Lighthouse,” said Bedont, commenting on her new role at the high school. “But, I know what we do there can be as effective here. I am confident that the vision the district has for this merger is going to work. It’s not physical buildings that matter; it’s the people who serve students that make the difference. When the Lighthouse staff comes to the high school and does the same thing we are doing there, it will work and we will be able to help more kids.”

She stated the change will create a situation where students who are now at the Lighthouse and those who might have gone over there in the future will have more opportunities than they would have otherwise. She pointed out how limited the offerings were to students at the Lighthouse and how that will change with the move to having everything under one roof.

The three of them recently met with students at the Lighthouse and let them ask questions about the change.

“The purpose behind this wasn’t because the Lighthouse wasn’t working, but because the services the Lighthouse provides are exceptional and all students at Carbon High should have access to those services,” said Winfree. “I know there are going to be challenges, but we also believe that what Carbon has to offer will be of huge benefit to the Lighthouse students.”

Hardy said that the high school is a great place and they realize how dedicated the staff has been for students over the years. They all agree that it is their job to help teachers and students succeed.

“I don’t think any of the staff there would have been in this profession if they didn’t want what is best for kids,” he said. “We share a common educational vision, so what our individual responsibilities will be won’t matter. We will be a team with the same goals in mind.”

He pointed out there will be new challenges, but as a team, they will get through them.

With Winfree and Hardy leaving the elementary ranks, that left open the top jobs at those schools. With interviews completed, Wendy Fluckie, a teacher at Creekview, will take on the principal position at Castle Heights and Blake Allen, a teacher at Castle Heights, will fill the Sally Mauro principal position.

In addition, a couple of weeks ago John Thomas, who has been the Principal at Creekview Elementary, announced he is retiring from the district after this year, so that position will be filled by Keith Palmer, a long-time math teacher at Mont Harmon Middle School.

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