Bird Enthusiasts Flock to Photgraphy Class


The first Intro to Birding class took place Tuesday evening at the Carbon Recreation Center.

Recreation Director Steve Christensen hosted and taught the class. The class included a slideshow of bird photographs he has taken as well as photography tips and tricks. Additional classes are as follows:

April 24: Matting and framing your images – Ben Grimes
May 14: Light – Discussion on how light affects different aspects of photography, come prepared to join the conversation
May 18: Spring wildflower outing to the San Rafael Desert
June 5: Using Photoshop Elements – Layne Miller
June 11: Photo Group Mtg at 5:30, Discussion at 6 – Use of lens filters
June 29: Rich Erwin’s rocket launch
July 16: HDR photography – Presentation by George Ingram & Rich Erwin
July 27: Summer wildflower outing to the mountains
August 13: Photo Group Mtg at 5:30, Class at 6 p.m. – Photography using your cell phone
Sept. 10: Why? This will be a discussion on how each of us find a passion in photography; What’s in your bag? All the little things photographers carry. Bring your bags and share with the group.

For further inquiries on classes call Christensen at 435-636-3702.


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