Birthday | Joan Money Huntington


Joan Money Huntington turned 90 on Wednesday, March 23.  Her family celebrated with her by giving her a surprise party on Saturday, March 19 at the Community Center.  

Joan grew up in Palmyra, Utah.  She married LeRay Huntington and together they had 4 children:  David, Doug, Paul, and Marsha.  

We all know she loves to be around people and she loves parties.  One of her greatest qualities is being an amazing cook.  She has passed that characteristic on to her granddaughters.  They are all great cooks and love to cook like she does.  Some of the foods she’s famous for are:  fried chicken on Christmas Eve, homemade donuts at Halloween (which many from the community have benefitted for years), homemade rolls for every Sunday dinner, pies for Thanksgiving, and the one thing she enjoyed the very most was making chocolates at Christmas time.

She had many callings in the church and her favorite one was Stake Primary President.  She always went over and beyond for any calling or activity she was in charge of.

Here are some fun facts about this lady:  her favorite color is black, her most common phrase is “Good Gadfrey”, her favorite TV show is Walker Texas Ranger, they went on the honeymoon at Yellowstone, her favorite activity to do at her cabin is to be swung in a swing in a BIG tree, the one food she doesn’t like is mushrooms, and her favorite drink is Pepsi.

Some of the favorite memories her family has of her are:  playing cards (Pinochle, Hearts, Nertz, and Phase Ten), time spent at the cabin, driving with her and grandpa to Pinedale (and you watch out for that “grandma fist” if any car or truck gets in their way), eating her applesauce chocolate chip cookies, eating cod nugget and vanilla ice cream from the Schwan Man, and last but not least was the example that they set by serving 2 missions (to Nauvoo and Arizona).

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