‘Blackout’ Electrifies Thanksgiving Weekend Fight Crowd


Clay “Blackout” Collard won the main event Saturday at the Fight Night MMA Spectacular at the Carbon County Fairgrounds.

Collard, an 18-year-old Castle Dale native, improved his MMA record to 7-3. Collard fights as part of Team Tenacious, which is run by his father, Chris Collard.

“I was 12-years-old when I started boxing, so I grew up fighting in a way,” Clay Collard said. “I’ve also wrestled since I was in first grade. I had fighting experience, just not mixed marshal arts.”

Clay Collard said he has enjoyed his foray into MMA fighting, especially preparing for various opponents.

“I thought he was going to want to stand and box a little more,” Clay Collard said. “I thought he was a wrestler too, so I way prepared for that and just did what I had to do.”

Clay Collard said he planned to continue fighting for the foreseeable future.

The night’s undercard winners included lightweight Tanner Cowan; welterweights Carl Dieckmann, Brett Wells and Chris Alen; bantamweights Daniel Goode and Ularbeck Ashirbekov.

Clay Collard fought as a middleweight.

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