BLM Reminds Public About Campfire Safety


Bureau of Land Management Press Release

Every year, campfires cause wildfires because they are not cared for or completely put out by the campers who made them. Any campfire that you start may be difficult to extinguish–just pouring water on the top of your fire may not be enough. Here are a few tips for extinguishing your campfire.

1) Allow wood to burn completely to ash.
2) Pour lots of water on the fire to drown all embers.
3) Pour water until the hissing sound stops.
4) Scrape sticks and logs to remove any embers.
5) Stir the ashes and embers with a shovel until everything is wet and cold to the touch.

Please do not make a campfire if fire restrictions are posted. “One less spark, one less wildfire.”

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