BLM Vernal Field Office Invites Your Family to the 2018 Jarvie Fest


BLM Press Release

VERNAL, Utah – The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Vernal Field Office invites the public to experience wild west history at the 27th Annual Jarvie Fest on Sept. 15.

“We want to invite folks and their families out for a fun day,” said Acting Field Office Manager Travis Kern. “This is a great event in a beautiful and historic setting.”

From 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at John Jarvie Historical Ranch, visitors can participate in candle dipping, old-time photographs and leatherworking. Admission is free, so bring your family and pack a lunch for a fun day at Brown’s Park along the Green River.

Come and learn about the history of the settlement at the museum. John Jarvie built the ranch in 1880 and offered goods for those that lived or traveled in this wild territory. At its height, the Jarvie Ranch operation included a store, post office, river ferry and cemetery. At Jarvie Fest, you’ll be able to visit the stone house, now a museum; duck inside the two-room dugout built into a hillside and overlooking the Green River and stop in the blacksmith shop and corral, which were constructed using hand-hewn railroad ties which drifted down from Green River, Wyoming. You can also explore the general store where Mr. Jarvie sold goods, which is a replica of the original which was built in 1881, and contains the original safe which was robbed from the men that murdered John Jarvie.

For more Information and directions, please call the BLM Vernal Field Office at (435) 781-4400 and

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