Body Camera Footage in Duckworth Shooting Released


On Sept. 10 at approximately 7 p.m., local law enforcement engaged with a suicidal male residing in Wellington City.

Officer Garrett Safley was dispatched near the Knight Ideal Community Fishing Pond in Wellington on a call for Bobby Ray Duckworth, who was 26 years old. Family had called authorities with concern over Duckworth’s mental well-being.

Officer Safley located Duckworth near the railroad tracks just beyond the pond and immediately attempted to communicate with Duckworth. Officer Safley reported that Duckworth had a knife in each of his hands. However, it turned out that one hand held the knife’s sheath.

While attempting to engage with Duckworth, the suspect stepped over the fence that was between the officer and himself, then began rapidly approaching Officer Safley.

Officer Safley clearly instructed Duckworth to drop his knife before approaching further, informing him that he would have to discharge his firearm.

The officer continued corresponding with dispatch throughout the altercation, informing them that Duckworth was approaching with the weapon and not listening to commands.

He once told Duckworth “it ain’t worth it.”

Due to Duckworth not complying and continuing to approach the officer with a weapon, Officer Safley fired six rounds at him. As a result of the altercation, Duckworth was fatally injured.

Carbon County Deputy Attorney Jeremy Humes, along with a Critical Incident Task Force (CITF), thoroughly examined the body camera footage, reports, evidence and cased the scene.

According to a letter that Humes wrote to Wellington City Police Chief Rory Bradley, “Officer Safley’s response to the scene of the suicidal subject within Wellington City, was lawful, pursuant to an intent to ensure public safety, and was necessitated by a serious threat to human safety.”

The letter cites Officer Safley attempting to calmly address Duckworth before the altercation, also highlighting that Duckworth accelerated his pursuit toward the officer.

“The Carbon County Attorney’s Office finds that Officer Safley’s use of deadly force, leading to Mr. Duckworth’s death, was reasonable and justified as the officer “reasonably believe[d] that the use of deadly force [was] necessary to prevent death or serious bodily injury to the officer or another person.” He acted promptly and lawfully,” Humes stated in the letter.

Finally, Humes stated that he found no criminal conduct and declined prosecution.

“I also express my deepest sympathies to the family and loved ones of Mr. Duckworth for their loss,” Humes concluded.

To view the body camera footage released by Carbon County, please click here. Viewer discretion is advised.

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