Book Cliff Elementary Honors First Responders


By Robin Hunt

On Friday, Book Cliff Elementary (BCE) welcomed local first responders to enjoy lunch with students and staff in memory of 9/11. 

Upon arrival, Utah Highway Patrol officers, Emery County Sheriff Office deputies, EMS and fire department members were welcomed by the BCE student council. They were then invited into the cafeteria where students had hung decorations thanking and honoring Green River’s first responders. 

When lunch was served, students and first responders sat together, with at least one first responder at each table full of kids. The students were encouraged to ask their table guest questions about their life and their job. 

As lunch concluded, principal Gaylene Erwin announced each first responder department as the students gave them a big cheer and a gift to show their appreciation. She also invited them to dance for the children for 10 seconds, which many of them did, causing bursts of laughter and cheering from the BCE students.

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