Book Cliff Elementary Presents Annual Student Art Show


Book Cliff Elementary School presents its annual student art show on display at the Canyon River Runners Art Show in Green River on April 4-22.

The art fair and parent night will be hosted on the April 11 from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. Along with the art show, Book Cliff Elementary will be doing its “No Fuss” fundraiser from April 8-19. The goal is to raise $1000 for student activities throughout the year that are connected with academics, character building, assemblies, field trips, t-shirts and MVP activities.

One benefit of the “No Fuss” fundraiser is that there is no selling or purchasing of merchandise, meaning that 100% of the money raised benefits school activities. Cash or check donations are accepted.

The fundraiser is in connection with the art fair. A donation jar will be kept a the school throughout the duration of the of the student art exhibit. A donation jar will also be available during the art fair and parents night on April 11.

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