Bottega Tech Aims to Bring Web Development Course to Castle Country


Stephanie Conley represented Bottega as she visited the recent Carbon County Commission meeting to speak with commissioners and bring awareness to the efforts Bottega is making in conjunction with Accelerant BSP, USU Eastern and Pando Labs to bring a new opportunity to the area.

Conley thanked the commissioners for taking time to discuss the social initiative project to bring additional education to the community. Bottega is presenting the opportunity for local education through a digital literacy course, an online component of 40 to 60 hours, as well as a full stack software development program. The front end development program boasts 15 college credit recommendations.

The digital literacy course is usually $500 but is being offered for free to residents in Carbon and Emery counties. The course is an opportunity for all those who have ever wondered if they would be interested in the tech field or would simply like to learn the basic foundation to run their own website.

The classes will take place at USU Eastern in partnership with the university. There is a free introductory course taking place and the top students that go through the course have the chance to earn scholarships for the 12-week full stack software development course. The course provides an overview on the foundation, vocabulary and concepts needed for web development and forwarding education in that area.

“Our hope is to really bring this education here,” Conley stated.

Conley encouraged the commissioners themselves to sign up for the course and see what value it brings to the community. Conley stated that their hope is that 300 individuals throughout Carbon and Emery counties will register for the initial course. From those that complete the course, 15 scholarships will be awarded for the 12-week program, which will take participants even deeper into the technology realm.

Five full scholarships will be presented through Accelerant while five half scholarships will come from both USU Eastern and Pando Labs. The scholarship awards will be chosen based on completion of the digital literacy courses.
The full stack software development course is a 12-week boot camp that will take place from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. each day. Conley stated that this course is something that is able to be done at USU Eastern due to the flexibility of the smaller campus. The deadline to sign up for the digital literacy courses is Sept. 9. Those that wish to sign up will need to call (435) 636-3226 and provide their name, phone number and email address to enroll.

Conley concluded by also stating that this is an exciting opportunity for the area and she hopes that the community embraces it.

To learn more about Bottega and its programs, please click here. 

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