Boyd’s Family Pharmacy Pays Tribute to Customers with Appreciation Day


Owner Boyd Nielson and manager Westin Winn were excited to host their inaugural customer appreciation day on Wednesday at Boyd’s Family Pharmacy, located at 25 West Main Street in Castle Dale.

The pharmacy recently celebrated 32 years of service to the citizens of Emery County and other surrounding areas.

When asked about their future plans for the pharmacy, the pair replied that they plan to remain an integral part of the local business community but also have a few new plans to enhance their already friendly service. Immunizations, including flu, pneumonia, shingles and more, are available at the pharmacy. Curbside service is also available to customers. Upon arriving at the pharmacy, a phone call will result in delivery of prescriptions and OTC items to a customer’s vehicle. Texting and emailing prescription notifications will also continue, and new ways to keep customers informed will be implemented. As always, all inside services will be maintained and improved.

Nielson reminded that they are giving employment to many pharmacy technicians and will increase employees to meet demand. This, of course, provides jobs in the area, which has a ripple effect in the economic situation facing Emery County. Also, buying prescriptions locally increases the sales tax, which is necessary for local budgets in the cities and county.

Both Nielson and Winn praise the quality of their staff. Nielson said that Emery County is a great place to recruit employees because they already know their customers and care about their needs. He explained that he has always been blessed with employees that are “people persons.”

“I know they really care because they work so hard to make every person happy that they chose to come into our store,”‘ he said.

Winn pointed out that in addition to friendly service, it takes a great deal of training and expertise to be a good pharmacy technician. It takes over a year for a technician to become licensed and trained to do the job at a high level of performance.

Boyd’s Pharmacy is fortunate to have a staff of well-trained, competent technicians and clerks with years of experience.

“Without great employees and great customer support, I could not have been here these 32 years. I need to express appreciation for that,” Nielson concluded.

The team at Boyd’s Family Pharmacy voiced its appreciation to the many customers that they have served over the many years in business in Castle Dale.

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