Boyd’s Pharmacy Relocates to Stewart’s Market


By Julie Johansen

Two conveniences will soon be found in one location as Boyd’s Pharmacy plans to relocate to Stewart’s Market in Castle Dale. Boyd Nielson, owner of the pharmacy, remarked that he has considered it for quite a while, but now seemed like the right time for the relocation. Convenience for the customers is the number one reason for the change.

“It seems like a perfect fit for the community as Stewart’s and Boyd’s values and customer goals are the same; we both want to make it ‘your store,’” said Wayne Huntington, manager of Stewart’s.

Construction has begun in the market and once it is complete, the move will take place. A new customer courtesy booth is being built and the pharmacy will be found where the customer courtesy booth was previously. A new office will be available for flu and vaccine shots as well as a private consultation room so customers can privately discuss concerns with a qualified pharmacist.

The drive-in window is being constructed on the west side of the grocery store. This will allow customers to drop off or pick up prescriptions without leaving their cars. The management at Stewart’s has already rearranged, placing the medicine aisle close to the pharmacy, which will be stocked with all the items that have been available over the counter historically.

Westin Winn will continue to manage the pharmacy and there will be little changes in staffing.

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