Boys and Girls Club Helps Hospitals with Blood Drive


The Boys and Girls Club of Carbon County hosted an American Red Cross blood drive Wednesday. The purpose of the event was to help supply Utah hospitals, which are currently in urgent demand, account manger Lisa Nelson explained. Nelson said the goal was to obtain 35 units of blood, an amount that can be used to help 105 people.

First-time donor Gary Christensen described the process to potential donors as “painless, quick”and a “very good thing to do.”

Nelson reminded donors that is important to eat and drink enough before coming in to donate blood, something that the “younger generation” frequently forgets. She also urged donors to get out and donate as often as possible, stating that donors are eligible every 56 days.

“What people often don’t realize is that blood donors are saving lives,” said Nelson. “You don’t know who you might be helping.”

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