Boys and Girls Club Opens Its Doors for Lights On After School Event


The community gathered together at the Boys and Girls Club to celebrate the ribbon cutting of its new building on Thursday. In addition to the ribbon cutting being celebrated, the members of the Boys and Girls club also wanted to shed light on the importance of their program and the significant and positive impact it has had on the kids and teens that have a place to go after school.

During the event, there was a snack table, face painting table and an arcade basketball hoop set up for everyone to enjoy. The kids and teens of the Boys and Girls Club were also taking visitors around the building and showing them the fun and helpful things available for them.

The ribbon cutting took place outside the front doors of the club. Josie Luke, who is the executive director of the Boys and Girls club, and Janell Fiack, one of the directors of the club, shed some light on what made the club such a fundamental program for the community. Price City Mayor Joe Piccolo and two of the kids in the club also said a few words before the cutting of the ribbon.

Since opening the doors of the new location, the club has more than doubled their average daily attendance. They now have 66 members in the club and have received generous donations from multiple givers in town, including Pinnacle Canyon Academy, who donated smart boards and computers. They also received donations from Mayor Piccolo, Larry with the Steel Store, Smiths, Fresh Market, Jones & Demille Engineering and various members of the community.

“I was genuinely amazed by the number of people in attendance,” Luke explained. “Knowing the amount of support we get from the community, it was still a wonderful thing to see so many people come to support us. It’s great to know that so many believe in our mission.”

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