Boys & Girls Club Hosts Reptile Show


Local resident Dusty Jensen recently had the idea to bring a special event to the children at the Boys & Girls Club of Carbon County.

After speaking with the reptile business Scales and Tails, a date was set for the kids to enjoy a multitude of different reptiles and more.

There were at least ten different creatures brought that day to the club, including a snapping turtle, a python and a tarantula. According to Jensen, he had the thought that most of these kids probably wouldn’t have had another chance to see some of these reptiles and arachnids.

“We are so happy that Dusty brought this reptile show to our club,” club director Josie Luke said. “When he contacted us initially, we thought it would be fun for the kids, but we had no idea how much they would enjoy it. The presenter had the kids from the first minute and kept them engrossed the entire time. I am pretty sure he had the adults too. It was such a fun experience.”

“The snapping turtle was my favorite part,” said a five-year-old club member. “I have never actually seen a snapping turtle. The yellow snake felt soft. I liked the baby turtle too.”

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