Boys and Girls Club Rock the Park at Price City Peace Gardens!


Price City and The Boys and Girls Club of Carbon County teamed up to bring “Rock the Park” to the community Friday night at Price City Peace Gardens.

The Boys and Girls Club has been coordinating two activities each month this summer. В Friday they played volleyball, water balloon volleyball, had a dunk tank and watched the movie Transformers. During the movie they served popcorn and cotton candy.

“It’s something to keep the kids busy,” said Price City Councilman Layne Miller. “It gives them something fun to do.”

The next activity is scheduled for July 6В at Pioneer Park and will start at 7:00p.m. Activities that night will include dodge ball, messy kickball and a dance. В Messy kickball consists of each base being a pool filled with pudding or jello, and in order to get to home base you have to slide down a slip’n’slide.

For more information on these activities, or to join the Boys and Girls club, call 613-5766.

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