Boys & Girls Club of Carbon County Introduce New Director and Merger to Commissioners


Two representatives of the Boys & Girls Club of Carbon County were in attendance at the specially-scheduled Carbon County Commission meeting on Monday.

The representatives were Brenda Quick and Olivia Dudding-Rodriguez. Quick had stepped in as the interim director while the search for a new director was underway. There were some difficulties at the end of the year, according to Quick, who thanked the commissioners and the county for their continued support.

Dudding-Rodriguez is the new director and wished to give the commissioners an update on the pending merger, which will be with the Greater Salt Lake Boys & Girls Club. The merger is expected to happen around the first of July. However, while his merger is mostly on the financial side, Dudding-Rodriguez wanted to assure the county that any donations that are made will stay in the area.

Dudding-Rodriguez previously worked at the Greater Salt Lake Boys & Girls Club for four years. During this time, she gained resources and knowledge for the position. She stated that they are essentially using the know-how and experience from Greater Sale Lake to help Carbon County expand and have a great after-school program.

A tentative date of May 11 has been set for an open house at the Boys & Girls Club of Carbon County. Commissioner Casey Hopes thanked the duo for the update and requested that when the open house is solidified, the commissioners be informed in order to attend.

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