Boys & Girls Club Presented With Check From Local Churches


A group of local churches recently teamed up and served a series of Lenten lunches. These lunches were hosted at the Price United Methodist Church and were provided by a different church each week. The lunches ran for six weeks and were available to up to one hundred people from the public. The Lenten lunches are an annual event to raise funds for a local charity.

This year the Clergy Alliance selected the Boys & Girls Club to receive the money that was raised. A total of $1,346 was raised. Josie Luke, club director, stated that one of the main areas that they will focus on with the money donated is the teen center.

The teens that attend the club are currently sharing the space that the younger kids occupy and the club would like to give them their own area. An occupancy permit needs to be acquired and things such as painting need to be completed. The county pays for the larger part of the bills. However, anything that is under $1,000 falls to the Club.

The churches involved with the Lenten lunches are as follows: Price United Methodist Church under the direction of Pastor Losaline Tupoumalohi, Liberty Faith Fellowship with Pastor Jimmy Darter, New Life Ministries under Pastor Andrew Lasslo, Price Chapel under Pastor Steve Swineburne, Ascension St. Matthew’s Church with Pastor Bill Bruggeman and Gospel Community Church under the direction of Pastor Jesse Kobe.

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